Most of the characteristics of graphene can be directly applied and transferred to the materials used in the construction industry via its incorporation to their row components. Depending on the properties of those, e.g. hydrophobic character of asphalts or hydrophilic character of cement, we recommend using Graphene 99 or Graphene 92 respectively. Note also that different applications may require the use of one product or the other, do not hesitate in contacting us for further information. In case of needing Graphene in “liquid state”, which might be beneficial in some cases, we can also provide you with new recipes for liquid dispersion of both of our Graphene powders.

Some of the advantages of incorporating in constructions graphene are:

Longer lasting structures in both, roads or streets (asphalt enriched graphene) and buildings or any large structure, such as bridges, marine platforms, etc. (cement enriched graphene).

Stronger and mechanically more resistant constructions.

Lighter structures with unequivocally improved mechanical stability.

Protective coatings and paintings for exteriors of any construction: anticorrosive properties are of high interest in marine construction (tubes, bridges, oil extracting platform…), more durable covering of facades, protective layer on surfaces, etc.

Improvement of windows, walls and floors: the mechanical properties can be improved and eventually lead to unbreakable windows. Moreover, adding graphene to these structures may result on smart surfaces by enhancing the conducting properties and developing for instance embedded sensors to monitor all short of physical or chemical parameters (temperature, gases, etc.).

The construction industry is one of the most CO2 emitters in the world and the incorporation of graphene can play a key role in drastically reduce these emissions. The longer lasting structures will directly imply the reduction of the production and maintenance costs. Moreover, new functionalities can be incorporated to these surfaces and constructions.

Our collaborators are currently developing new products in this sector: on the one hand, Graphene enriched concrete is facing the last steps of experiments; and on the other hand, Graphene enriched asphalts are under deep investigations. New results are about to come up, we look forward to sharing them with you, keep yourself updated with us!

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