The industry of polymers is one of those that will profit the most for using Graphene as additive. It is already an extensively spread field and by incorporating Graphene to the already existing materials the functionalities and performances can increase limitless. The main advantages of adding Graphene here are:

Increase the durability of the end products.

Increase the mechanical properties of different plastics and rubbers, including the impact resistance.

Reduce the weight of the end pieces.

Increase of the electrical and thermal conductivity.

Fire retardant properties enhanced or added.

Each application may need a different type of Graphene, either Graphene 99 or Graphene 92 are at your disposal at Graphene GreenTech in order to fulfill all your needs. Note that incorporating only one additive, Graphene, the plastic or rubber can provide with a number of combined properties, which add enormous value to your current products.

Some promising results regarding the reinforcement of polymers have been obtained by Graphene GreenTech’s collaborators. For instance, the addition of 1% of Graphene 99 to a Carbon fiber reinforced epoxy (CfRE) showed an increment of the Young’s modulus and Maximum Strength of around 20-22%.

See data below:

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