The sports industry has joined the Graphene wave and some products are already in the markets (e.g. golf balls, tennis rackets, bike frames and tires, helmets, etc.). Improving mechanical features, lighting tools, thermal regulation of clothing are among the features obtained after Graphene technologies are included in this sector.
The biomedical sector can profit from the Graphene in many possible ways. For instance, our Graphene products can improve the quality, lightness, antibacterial properties, durability and mechanical response (either flexible or resistance, depending on the needs) of prothesis leading to remarkably better quality of life of the patients. There are some other applications in the biomedical sector, such as nano-sensors based on Graphene to monitor vital signs or detect illnesses, however, we believe that for some of those applications the use of graphene films might be recommended over our Graphene powders.

Similarly, in the fields of electronics, transparent electronics or optoelectronics, the requirements for disruptive technologies may demand the use of graphene films rather than Graphene powders. Faster and more efficient chips or sensors, which additionally must be almost transparent should be developed using as ideal Graphene as possible. However, Graphene powder has the potential to impact, for example, the production of printed electronic circuits via the use of Graphene inks. The super high conductivity of our Graphene 99 can be used to transfer this property to ink and consequently conducting structures, circuits or whatever desired setup can be printed. In parallel to electrical conductivity, circuits to dissipate heat could be developed, facilitating and improving the performance and lifetime of electronic devices.

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