Adding Graphene to paints and/or coatings, including epoxies and varnishes, results in new featured products, which incorporate as many functionalities or improvements as the original properties of Graphene are. Hence, the variety of innovative families of paints, coating, resists, epoxies or varnishes is remarkably large. Moreover, Graphene is harmless, non-toxic and environmental friendly in contrast to most of the chemicals used as additive in paints, coatings, etc. Some examples of added functionalities are:

Water resistant effect.

Barrier effect against:
◦ Oxidizing agents: avoiding corrosion and prolonging the life of metal structures
◦ Scratches: keeping the surfaces untouched even after aggressive mechanical forces
◦ Barnacles and seaweed: usually they grow on the bottom of the ships to the water and tend to increase the drag in the water slowing the ships increasing the consumption of fuel. Also applicable to bridges or any type of constructions exposed to sea water
◦ Electromagnetic waves: covering surfaces with Graphene enriched painting can isolate the inside space from these radiations

Added electrical and thermal conductivity: the range of future applications here it is widely open, from developing smart surfaces (sensors within, interactive walls, etc.) to control the temperature in every coated surface, e.g. dissipating heat.

Antibacterial effects: surfaces of places where cleanness is relevant, such as surgery rooms, restaurants, kitchens, food processing industries, etc., could be coated to be protected against polluting bacterial agents.

Adhesion properties: depending on the materials, Graphene can provide with anti-adherent properties (in some cases better than Teflon), or improve the adhesion of glues.

A Graphene GreenTech’s collaborator specialist in paintings for marine boats found an optimal small amount of Graphene 99% that must be added to the usual paint in order to avoid completely (100% effective) the attachment of larvae of barnacles to the boat hull. Moreover, the surface painted using the Graphene enriched paint dried 3 times faster than the non-enriched paint.

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